In order to help with testing, we provide a fake country (having the country code XF) and a set of fake providers. If your application is in the Test or Pending status, the Connect page will let you select the fake country and its providers.

The API supplies a number of fake providers:

  • fake_client_xf - requires a username and password (embedded);
  • fake_oauth_client_xf - asks for authorization (OAuth redirect);

Both providers require for Client Provider Keys to be set. Check the provider’s instructions in the Connect page for the appropriate credentials.


We also add all sandboxes and model banks as providers to XF country. Currenly Salt Edge has the following sandboxes:

  • bnpparibas_obp_client_sg_xf
  • bendigo_obp_client_au_xf
  • bnpparibas_obp_client_gb_xf
  • rba_obp_client_au_xf
  • tyro_obp_client_au_xf
  • anz_obp_client_au_xf
  • eftpos_obp_client_au_xf
  • cuscal_obp_client_au_xf
  • suncorp_obp_client_au_xf
  • bnpparibas_obp_client_it_xf
  • westpac_obp_client_au_xf
  • santander_obp_client_gb_xf
  • bnpparibas_obp_client_fr_xf
  • bnpparibas_obp_client_de_xf
  • commbank_obp_client_au_xf
  • bnpparibas_obp_client_be_xf
  • nab_obp_client_au_xf
  • forgerock_client_gb_xf
  • ozone_client_gb_xf