v4 Upgrade guide

This guide explains the changes you will have to keep in mind when upgrading from v3 to v4 version of Spectre API. Follow these steps:

  • Visit Keys and Secrets page of your Client Dashboard and create a new API key with “app” key type;
  • Change the routes that are polled in your system from v3 to v4;
  • Replace Client-id and App-secret headers in all your requests with App-id and Secret headers corresponding to the key created in step 1.

API Changes

Request/response API changes are as follows:

  • All IDs are returned as strings;
  • clients#info route was removed;
  • categorize flag was replaced by categorization. Possible values are none, business and personal by default. See example;
  • business and personal categories added to categories objects. See example;
  • fetch_type was replaced by fetch_scopes. See example;
  • number is now a possible value of the nature field in provider fields.