Your Account

While using Spectre API, your application can have one of the several statuses, each with its limitations.


Upon registration, your application has the Pending status. You can only access the Fake providers, and use up to 10 fake logins. When you perform an action that is not permitted for pending clients, we respond with a ClientPending error.

When your app is not in Live status, you can also destroy data, which lets you destroy all the customers with their corresponding logins, accounts and transactions.

In order to upgrade the status from Pending, you have to:

  • Provide the main URL, e-mail and name of the organization in the Account section of your profile;
  • Provide the company address in the Address section of your Profile;
  • Provide valid Callback URLs. Their purpose is described in the Callbacks section of this guide;
  • Contact us using the Contact form with an upgrade request or send us an e-mail at

We will examine your application and upgrade it to the Test status as soon as possible.


In the Test status, your app can already use real providers, but it’s still limited to 10 logins.

When you are ready to transfer to a limitless usage, contact us and we’ll switch you to Live as soon as possible. Note that all of the data will be preserved, but you can also destroy it if you wish to start with a clean slate.

In order to become Live, the client application should use HTTPS for all API callbacks.


The Live status allows the application to use Spectre API without any restrictions. Once your account is switched to live, we will start the billing calculations according to our pricing policy

In Live status, you will not be able to see all of your accounts’ and transactions’ details in your dashboard.


Your application will have the Restricted status if the payment hasn’t been received. While in this status, your application is in a read-only state, hence it cannot create or reconnect logins, refresh them, or create new tokens.


In case of any non-compliance with Terms of Service or before going LIVE guide, we will contact you to solve the issues. When several attempts to contact the client fail or if any of the non-compliances are not fixed within two days time, the application will be transferred to the Disabled status. In this status, all API requests will return a ClientDisabled error.