Version Management

The current version of the API is v3. Any incompatible changes to the API will result in incremented versions of the API, which will change the resource URLs.

At some point, the current version will be announced as Deprecated and you will have 12 months to switch your applications to a newer version of the API. All clients will be notified of any deprecation in the API.

The documentation describes 2 different varieties of v3: V3 for Services and V3 for Apps. The main difference between the services API and apps API is that the apps are allowed to access only the logins they know about - which they do via the login and customer secret mechanisms, while the services are allowed to access every login information - mainly via the logins list route. When an app successfully creates a login, it should store that login’s secret, and customer’s secret since it will be needed for further operations involving the login.

The version of the callbacks is in the callback payload, under the meta field. Read more in the callbacks section of the guide.

New fields can be added to the current API version, at any time without preliminary warning with subsequent documentation added afterward. However, already documented fields cannot be modified or removed. Please rely solely on them.