How often shall I sync all my data with SaltEdge ?

Salt Edge regularly updates all the data in the system, that is why we recommend synchronizing your data with the data Salt Edge provides you.

Our data is being updated on the following basis:

  • countries - rarely, maximum once per day;
  • currencies - rarely, maximum once per day;
  • currency rates - everyday, at 12:00 UTC;
  • categories - updated only on a new API version release;
  • providers and provider fields - new providers are added frequently, but the providers or their fields are updated rarely (around 10 changes per month, mostly on bank interface update). We recommend updating the providers and their fields once a day.

What is your pricing policy ?

Information about Salt Edge pricing policy can be found on the Terms of Service page.

An app can have many customers, with each customer being able to connect to financial institutions. The price includes the automatic categorization, the customer support forum and the support from our team.

If your app would benefit from a different pricing structure, you can always contact us.

How does login refresh work?

Automatic data refresh works for every login, except the ones that satisfy any of these conditions:

  • If there was an error introducing your client’s credentials to login (InvalidCredentials) - in this case the login will be set as inactive (due to the old credentials being wrong);
  • If less time time than shown in provider.refresh_timeout (usually 1 hour) passed between the updates;
  • If the login credentials have not been saved (store_credentials flag is set to false);
  • If the provider.mode field is set to file.

If the login is an interactive one (automatic_fetch flag is set to false), the refresh operation is still handled, but Spectre API will send an interactive callback for entering additional credentials (SMS, token, etc.). If Spectre API doesn’t receive an answer with the interactive credentials within a time limit (usually 5 minutes), an InteractiveAdapterTimeout error will be raised.

Are the logins automatically refreshed?

Salt Edge regularly updates all the logins that satisfy the following conditions:

If these conditions are met, the login will be updated according to the time specified in refresh start time in the local time of the country the login belongs to.

I encountered “ActionNotAllowed” error. What should I do?

By default, all Spectre API clients can use Salt Edge Connect for quick and easy API integration into their app or service. API Connect allows the clients to perform login actions directly via the API. Access to these routes requires the client to adhere to high security standards, as it involves handling of sensitive customer information. Access to the API Connect routes is subject to manual review and activation and is granted to the ISO 27001 certified parties, registered AISPs and PISPs, as well as selected companies adhering to leading industry security requirements.