A transaction describes a financial transaction performed within an account. Since the accounts are bound to a single currency, all the transactions within a single account have the same value of the currency_code field.


Spectre API uses an algorithm for automatic categorization of transactions. Thus, when importing a login, all the transactions corresponding to the login will be assigned to one of the categories. We also expose an API route for your applications to improve the categorization process based on your user’s behaviors.


Although we import most of the data from the providers thoroughly checking the transactions for duplicates, the providers might change the format of some data, causing us to return transactions that have different data, but are duplicates to your end users. You can use the Duplicate action in order to let us know about a duplicate so that we can take immediate action.


Most of the transactions have some extra data associated with them, such as the time, the transaction ID in the provider’s system, the original currency (if the transaction has been made in a different currency than the account’s currency), etc. You can obtain this information by inspecting the extra field.

The possible attributes of a transaction are described in more detail in the Transaction Reference.