Spectre API uses a set of providers in order to obtain customer’s data. We use “provider” to describe a source of financial data, which represents a bank or an online wallet.

Fake Providers

In order to help with testing, we provide a fake country (having the country code XF) and a set of fake providers. If your application is in the Test or Pending status, the Connect page will let you select the fake country and its providers.

The API supplies a number of fake providers:

  • fakebank_simple_xf - requires a username and password;
  • fakebank_select_xf - has a dropdown list with some options for the user to choose from;
  • fakebank_image_xf - the user needs to solve a CAPTCHA for authentication;
  • fakebank_interactive_xf - asks for a fake SMS code;
  • fakebank_two_step_interactive_xf - asks for interactive data twice during the fetching process;
  • fakebank_semi_interactive_xf - occasionally requires an SMS code;
  • fakebank_with_optional_fields_xf - similar to fakebank_interactive_xf, but with some of the interactive fields marked as optional;
  • fakebank_api_with_fields_xf - similar to fakebank_simple_xf, used for ensuring API providers availability;
  • fakebank_oauth_xf - asks for authorization;
  • fakebank_oauth_with_pending_xf - similar to fakebank_oauth_xf, returns pending transactions;
  • fakebank_oauth_with_n_transactions_xf - similar to fakebank_oauth_xf, returns more than 1000 transactions;
  • fakebank_with_updates_xf - generates up to 4 transactions on every connect, refresh, reconnect with random amounts and modes;
  • fake_demobank_xf - generates multiple accounts with different currencies, and different account natures;
  • fakebank_with_token_xf - requires a username and a fake token;
  • fakebank_with_error_xf - allows you to test the appearing errors when connecting a new provider;
  • fakebank_oauth_with_pending_and_available_balance_xf - similar to fakebank_oauth_with_pending_xf, having accounts, which have different values for balance and available_balance;
  • fakebank_with_possible_duplicates_xf - each attempt generates a transaction with same made_on, amount, currency_code but different description. On second attempt and later it marks those transactions with extra[:possible_duplicate] flag;
  • fakebank_with_rememberable_credentials_xf - remembers all the answers to secret questions and doesn’t ask them in the interactive stage if they were introduced correctly on previous attempts.

The Fake Bank with Error allows to select which error you would like to test. The choices are as follows:

  • No Erorrs - works the same as fakebank_simple_xf;
  • No Errors with Partial Data - returns accounts and transactions, where partial flag is set to true;
  • ExecutionTimeout - no accounts and transactions, raises the ExecutionTimeout error;
  • FetchingTimeout - no accounts and transactions, raises the FetchingTimeout error;
  • ProviderUnavailable - no accounts and transactions, raises the ProviderUnavailable error;
  • ProviderError - no accounts and transactions, raises error with a generic message An error has occurred. Please report this error..

Check the provider’s instructions in the Connect page for the appropriate credentials. You can use these providers in order to test the codes, the format of the transactions, errors, etc.