Getting started with Desktop and Mobile apps using the Mobile SDKs

Salt Edge supplies a set of SDKs that can be used to build mobile and desktop apps. Right now we have the following libraries:

Note that this guide uses Salt Edge Connect as the interface for the users to connect to their bank accounts. If you’d like to use the REST API to connect, you can consult the full Reference or the documentation of the corresponding SDK.

1. Sign up for Salt Edge

Go to the Sign up page and sign up for a Salt Edge account. You’ll need to give your app a name, provide us with an email and a password you will use to authenticate to the admin page.

Signup saltedge

2. Follow the instructions supplied with the SDK

Each of the SDKs provides a description of how to set up the SDK, integrate it, and start fetching the customer data. Please refer to the corresponding README files.

The SDK also provides a sample app and the instructions as how to run the app.