Clients Dashboard

As a client, it’s possible to let others access your Spectre dashboard. For this, you first have to create those users, so they, in their turn, can access the information provided by the interface.

In the creation form, you will see a field, describing user’s roles. The roles and their meanings are as follows:

  • Access logins - see the logins list;
  • Manage logins - refresh/reconnect/delete a login;
  • Access customers - see customers list;
  • Manage customers - delete a customer;
  • Access invoices - see invoices list;
  • Manage invoices - pay an invoice;
  • Access profile - see client profile data, address, callback URLs;
  • Manage profile - update client profile data, address, callback URLs;
  • Access secret data - see client secrets, public key;
  • Manage secret data - generate new client secrets, update public key, destroy all data (being test|pending);
  • Access providers stats - see each provider’s availability and last error;
  • Access accounts - see accounts list and details;
  • Access transactions - see transactions list and details.

When a client is created, only the account holder can cancel client profile and manage client users.