API Connect

If you do not wish to connect logins using Salt Edge Connect, you can perform all the login actions using our API.

In order to connect a new login, you should use the logins create route described in the API reference. After connecting the login, your application will receive the corresponding callbacks so you can fetch your newly created login.

If the login you wish to connect is an interactive one, you will receive the interactive callback specified in your app’s profile, which means that you have to use the interactive route and follow the instructions specified in the API reference.

Refreshing data

If the login had an error while connecting, and it had an InvalidCredentials error during the fetching process, you should reconnect the login and send the correct credentials in your request body.

When the login is connected correctly, and you received all the accounts and transactions details, you can refresh the login anytime, and keep the login data up-to-date.


API Connect requires high security standards for data handling on client’s side. This integration method is only available for the certified and/or selected partners. For more information, feel free to contact us.