Any login can have one or more accounts. The accounts are bound to a currency so that all the transactions within a single account are in the same currency.

Sometimes, the provider allows the user to have several currencies grouped under the same account. For example, if a user holds a debit card that supports 3 currencies, the corresponding login will have 3 accounts, each with one of the debit card’s currencies.


An account can be of one of the several types, as described by the nature field:

  • account
  • bonus
  • card
  • checking
  • credit
  • credit_card
  • debit_card
  • ewallet
  • insurance
  • investment
  • loan
  • mortgage
  • savings

Although these values do not affect neither the account’s behavior, nor its properties, they might provide some additional information to the end user.


For some providers, we can fetch additional information about the account, such as the account owner’s name, IBAN number, SWIFT code, etc. Although the data differs among providers, you may use it to display additional information to the end user.

You can read more on the attributes of an account, including the possible fields of the extra attributes in the Accounts Reference.