Before going LIVE

In order to have the SaltEdge accounts transferred to LIVE mode the following steps should be followed:

  • Please provide SaltEdge representative with app’s test account to verify Spectre API integration;
  • Be sure to provide signature in accordance with the instructions;
  • If your application is running on mobile devices, desktops, tablets, which are under user’s control, please use app authentication;
  • Your application should be working correctly with all of the fake banks;
  • Your application should not create any duplicated customers (i.e. connecting the same provider with the same credentials, for the same user, using different customer entities);
  • The end user should be able to create, reconnect, refresh and delete logins;
  • After deleting a user from your system, you should send a delete request;
  • Your application should handle correctly the refresh_timeout in provider entity;
  • Your application should handle correctly the LoginDuplicated error. If you are using Salt Edge Connect, LoginDuplicated error is sent via javascript callbacks;
  • Your application should show the instructions for providers;
  • Your application should not allow usage of disabled providers;
  • Your application should use the duplicate route for a better user experience;
  • The Multi-factor authentication must be enabled for your account and all your Client users;
  • In order to avoid legal issues with end-users and data providers, the client should ensure that end-users read and agree to End User License Terms.

After all of the verifications have been made by a SaltEdge representative, the account will be transferred to LIVE mode.